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For Impact

The following information is necessary to reserve ample time to organize, fund, and promote ministry opportunities and events at Impact. If your ministry event has not been approved by one of our Pastors, please discuss your ideas with the appropriate Pastor before submitting any details.  Please use this form only for the event itself. This is not to request promotion of something already submitted and on the calendar.

For Non-ministry
Facility Use


Decisions regarding use of the church facility (i.e. building and property) will be guided by the fact that they have been dedicated to helping Impact Church (IC) fulfill its mission to reach our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition to providing space for its own activities and members, IC offers meeting and activity space to organizations and groups which serve the needs and interests of the community and whose purposes and goals are consistent with the mission, values and beliefs of IC.

Staff And
Leaders Only

Please make sure a Staff Pastor has approved the reimbursement. Most payments are quick paid direct to the recipient. Please email supporting receipts to Reimbursements will not be processed until receipts are received and verified. Please communicate to the recipient that they need to check their email and accept the payment. Paper Checks are only issued as a last resort or special circumstance.


Please provide starting and ending days as requested.

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