Your Greater Impact

Read: 1 Corinthians 12:12-20

A few months ago, a friend of mine who runs competitively was training for a race when he stubbed his little toe and broke it. It seemed unimportant because it was just his little toe, but that sore toe caused him to change the way he was distributing his weight and balance. After several weeks, this added stress on the opposite side caused him to tweak his knee, so he could not compete in the next race.


My friend’s experience serves as an important reminder that even the smallest, seemingly insignificant of body parts is truly important. The same can be said for the smallest of people. Paul wrote to the believers in Corinth that we are all parts of one body - the body of Christ. This body is the Church, which is YOU. Just as every organ and every toe is critical to a body, so each one of us is essential to the Church. Each of us is a vital and indispensable part of the body. You have a part to play. This body, with Christ as the head, is the Hope of the World, and everything rides on it and on us.  

Every single one of us needs to discover our gifts, pursue our passions and get to work! It all starts with a vision, this is what motivates action. So start building your own vision: What Greater Impact does God want to have in and through your own life? What is a tangible example of what that could look like? What small thing can you do tomorrow to help pave the way? Start dreaming and get fired up about this vision. What we have now may be good, but how much better could it be? Don’t just settle for good things when God has great things in store for you.


You might be wondering what part God wants you to play in Greater Impact. Search your heart, pray, and talk to your church family about what’s needed. If, after all that, you still don't know…then just start doing something. Anything! The only thing not to do is nothing. Together, let’s make a Greater Impact!

As you pray today, please consider:

1.   What unique gifts, talents and passions has God given to you? How can these be used to encourage others?

2.   What needs might God be calling you to meet as a part of your church family?

3.   What are the obstacles that have been keeping you from serving, from giving? How can these obstacles be removed from your life?

-Pastor Frank Sandoval