REMINDER - Restrooms Are Under Construction

Restrooms Under Construction.jpg

Just a friendly reminder for Sunday morning - our restrooms are out-of-service as new expanded restrooms are being constructed. We have made numerous accommodations to address this issue during construction:

  • Toddlers have access to a restroom in the nursery / child area.

  • We have placed two deluxe flushing port-a-potties at the back-end of the parking lot. Check these out - you won’t believe how nice these are!

  • Suite D (Menifee Teachers’ Association) has a restroom for use.

  • We also have access to restrooms in the building to the north of us - just beyond the Mason Jar.

We wanted to give everyone this reminder so you may plan accordingly for Sunday morning. Thank you for your patience during our restroom remodel and expansion construction project.