Impact Kids - Impact Your Home 5.24.15

Preschool – 1st Grade: “Flip Flops” - Stories about when Jesus walked the Earth

Lesson:  Jesus is Transfigured

Scripture:  Luke 9:28-36

Key Verse:  “And as he was praying, the appearance of his face was altered, and his clothing became dazzling white.” (verse 29)

Theme:  God showed His power by making Jesus look pretty amazing.  The way Jesus’ friends acted helps remind us that WE’RE AMAZED BY GOD’S POWER.


  • What helps you see God’s power?
  • Explain whether you see God’s power scary or exciting.
  • What about God’s power amazes you?

Read:  Matthew 17:1-8, Psalm 93:1-4

2nd – 5th Grade:  “Tempest” – Stories about supernatural events

Lesson:  Elijah Calls Fire from Heaven

Scripture:  2 Kings 1:1-17

Key Verse:  “O man of God, please let my life, and the life of these fifty servants of yours, be precious in your sight.” (verse 13b)

Theme:  Elijah stayed true to God by not letting anything distract him from delivering God’s message.  Like Elijah, WE STAY TRUE TO GOD.


  • What does it mean to stay true to God?
  • How well do you think you stay true to God in real life?
  • How will you hold tightly to God and his Word this week?

Read:  1 Samuel 15:22, Proverbs 3:5-6