Impact Kids - Impact Your Home 1.31.16

Bible Focus:
Matthew 14:13-33

Discovery Point:
God wants us to know his love.

Key Verse:
“But these are written so that you may continue to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God…” (John 20:31a).

God Wants Us to Know His Love


God wants us to know his love.

Not just know about his love like we know about famous people or the stars in the galaxy. But really experience his love like we experience the power of gravity or the goodness of our favorite dessert.  God wants us to know his love so much that he does a lot to help us experience it. Do this activity with your family to think about how God goes to “great lengths” so you can experience his sweet love.

Here’s how it goes:

Pour some of your favorite candy in a bowl. Put the bowl of candy in a room on one side of your house.  Start at the other side of your house. Have one family member touch the wall and stay connected to it. Then everyone work together to stay connected and reach the bowl of candy. You can use articles of clothing, shoelaces, and anything you pass on your way to the bowl. The rule: You have to stay connected to the person who’s touching the wall, either by touching each other or by having something between you.  When you reach the bowl, bring it back so everyone can enjoy it.


  • What was hard about reaching the bowl of candy?
  • How is that like or unlike the way God went to “great lengths” to reach out to us?
  • How has God shown your family his sweet love this year?

God loves you more than anything! And he wants you to know his love the way you experience the goodness of your favorite candy. He’ll stretch across great lengths to make sure that happens.


This week, give some candy to a friend with a note that says “God loves you, and his love is sweeter than this candy!”