Impact Kids - Impact Your Home 10.11.15

Bible Focus:
John 16:5-7, 12-15

Discovery Point:
The Holy Spirit is our helper.

Key Verse:
“He is the Holy Spirit, who leads into all truth…” (John 14:17a)

The Holy Spirit Is Our Helper

With your family, read John 16:5-7, 12-15. Ever wonder how the Holy Spirit works?

Try this experiment!
Get a hair dryer and a Ping-Pong ball. Plug in the hair dryer. Point the hair dryer straight up, and hold the Ping-Pong ball over it. Turn on the hair dryer, and let the Ping-Pong ball go. Hold the hair dryer steady, and the Ping-Pong ball will balance over the hair dryer.

Get your Ping-Pong ball again, and have every family member write on it one way you can thank God for the power of his Holy Spirit in your lives.


  • How is the power of the hair dryer like power from the Holy Spirit?
  • How does the power of the Holy Spirit help us?
  • When have you felt like the Holy Spirit has helped you?
  • How can we thank God for sending the Holy Spirit to help us?