Greater Treasure

Read: Matthew 13:44 

Jesus tells this parable that emphasizes the importance of investment. Not just financial investment, but complete investment of one’s life. When it comes to the kingdom of heaven and all that it holds for us, we must invest ourselves completely if we are to truly inherit it. This means investment of time, liberties, finances, and of self. 

The problem is that we waste ourselves on other things — on lesser things. We spend our time on mindless entertainment and our treasure on self-serving pleasures. We chase after success and surround ourselves with earthly comforts. None of these things will last. None of these things have eternal value. None of these things really matters.

Only God’s kingdom matters. When He sets before us the eternal things that matter the most, it is our duty to respond. As a church family, we believe God is calling us to have a Greater Impact in our city and our world. We’re determined to advance the kingdom of heaven on earth — to bring the lost into a life of purpose and relationship with their Creator. This won’t be easy. We must be willing to invest everything! Are you ready to respond?

Notice the man’s disposition as he sells all that he has. He doesn’t do it begrudgingly or reluctantly. He doesn’t even do it willingly or obediently. He does it joyfully. The only reason for this is that the man understood what it was he was purchasing. He was making the exchange of a lifetime...and beyond. This is the trade that God has allowed us to make! We give Him our sin and He gives us His righteousness. We give guilt and we get grace. We give shame and we get His honorable name.

In the end, is there really anything in this world that is more important to invest in than God’s kingdom?

Take some time to reflect on the following questions before praying today:

1.   What lesser things have you been wasting your life on?

2.   What evidence of the kingdom of heaven do you see in your life? What are the things that really matter — the eternal things?

3.   Is there a person God is asking you spend time with, to pray with, to encourage? Is there someone you need to forgive?

4.   Are you being called to serve? To give of your time, your talents, your treasure? Is He asking you to tell someone about His great love?

5.   What sacrifices might this require? What are the things you need to “sell” in your life in order to invest in the work of the Lord?

-Pastor Joe Strange