Weep and Howl

A Day is coming when God will pour out his wrath against all evil. On that Day of Judgment, the earthly riches we have shrewdly accumulated for ourselves will not help us. In fact, they will most likely hurt us. Material wealth often contributes to spiritual poverty. When we’re surrounded by luxury during this life, we can’t see clearly our need for Christ. God has called us to have a heart of generosity - to lay up treasure in heaven by giving away our treasure on earth. This will require sacrifice that many aren’t willing to make. However, as the missionary Jim Elliot once observed: “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”

Scripture References:  James 5:1-6, Matthew 16:26, Revelation 3:17, Luke 17:26-27, Luke 6:24-25, 2 Samuel 24:22-24, Matthew 6:19-21