Walk in Love

This past week, our country's Supreme Court declared that any law upholding a biblical view of marriage is unconstitutional. In the wake of this decision and its political and cultural ripple effects, how are we as the Church to respond? In his letter to the Ephesian Church, Paul reminds us that the support and celebration of sexual immorality is nothing new to this World. As God's children, we are to imitate our Heavenly Father by walking in love. To do so, however, we must understand what love is. Love doesn't condemn the sinner, and love doesn't condone the sin. How can we claim to love the lost when we support - and even celebrate - the very sin that brings eternal consequences to their lives? Our message is the message of the gospel: You are wrong, BUT you are loved! We must not give up. We must speak up. We must wake up. May God bring revival to His Church and revolution to our country!