Seize the Moment

Sexual Assault. False Accusations. These two issues have dominated the headlines and infiltrated mainstream contemporary cultural conversation. Sadly, these two problems are not new to our world, but have been occurring in one form or another for most of human history. When our country and society is unraveling and being torn apart, how do we respond as God’s people? The Church has been the most influential, world-shaping and world-changing organization in the history of our world. It’s time to reclaim that identity as the people of God. In times of unrest, division and instability, we are called to make things right by making Peace. In doing so, we will help preserve our corrupted and corruptible society and be known as children of God. We can’t just hide behind the walls of the Church. We must lead the way in our country and culture – loving and helping others at our own expense in a way that doesn’t make sense to most people around us. We must show this world who Jesus is.

Key Scripture:  Nehemiah 5 and 6

Other Scripture References: Matthew 15:19-20, James 4:17, Matthew 5:9, James 3:18, Matthew 5:13, Matthew 6:19-21