Redeeming Failure

Everyone fails. But what happens when we mess up so badly, there’s no coming back from it? Sin can trap us in a prison of discouragement, despair and defeat. Failure robs us of hope, until we’re willing to settle for what is familiar and comfortable. When we fail, we must run to Jesus, not away from Him. No matter how greatly we’ve failed, He assures us His grace is greater. He will meet us right where we are – in our sin, our shame, our fear. His call on your life remains the same, for His commitment to us isn’t as fragile as our commitment to Him. Are you carrying the shame of failure? Let Jesus redeem it!

Scripture References: John 21; Luke 22:61-62; Matthew 26:72; Mark 16:7; Luke 5:4-8; 1 Corinthians 1:30