Noah is without a doubt a hero of the faith. His story is one of true faith.  True faith will always be substantiated by our works.  It is this powerful truth that we see illustrated in the life of Noah.  Noah’s faith was a working faith.  His faith in God translated into righteous works of obedience.  Noah’s faith is demonstrated in his obedience to God’s instruction.  His faith was not passive, but was active.  Although Noah is a hero of the faith his story points us towards our real hero, Jesus Christ.  For it is through Jesus’ obedience to die on the cross and His resurrection that saves us.  It is our faith in Jesus not Noah that saves us.

We see that Noah found Favor with God, had Faith in God and ultimately Feared God above all things.  These led Noah on this remarkable journey to build an Ark that would preserve life on this earth.

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