No Thanks

Key Scripture:  Nehemiah 12: 1-47

Thanksgiving should be more than just a holiday; it should be a regular part of our lives. Our natural tendency, however, is to compare ourselves to other people which leads to discontentment. We end up focusing more on the problems in our lives and the things we don’t have. We give no thanks. Yet, even during times of loss and difficulty, it’s important to praise God for who He is and thank Him for what He’s done. If we have nothing else, we have been redeemed from our sin and given the gift of Life in Christ. Thanksgiving can be expressed through worship – singing songs of gratitude and praise - and through giving cheerfully back to God. When we choose to give thanks, we protect ourselves against anger and bitterness, and we experience greater health in our mind, body and relationships. Let’s give thanks this holiday and every day!

Scripture References:  Nehemiah 12:1, 8, 24, 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Nehemiah 12:27-30, 31, 38, 40, 43, Numbers 19:9, Hebrews 9:14