God tells Joshua that He has given Jericho into their hand. All they have to do is get the people and the seven priests with trumpets to march around the city with the ark once a day for six days. Then on the seventh day, march around seven times, make a long blast on the trumpets, and get the people to shout for the walls to fall down flat! If you look at this at face value, you might think that it is crazy and that they’ll just get laughed at by the inhabitants of Jericho. Joshua, however, believes the Lord and proceeds. They must have  felt either really silly marching around the wall or fairly confident in his instructions .  It worked!  Joshua saw that the city and all that is in it was devoted to destruction as the Lord commanded.   

Just like Joshua, each one of us has been given the promise of victory by the Lord.  The real question is whether we are experiencing that victory?  The events of Joshua and the walls of Jericho teach us important principles about experiencing victory in our lives.

•    Joshua 6:1-5
•    1 John 5:4-5
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•    Matthew 7:24
•    1 Corinthians 15:57