How the MIghty Fall

Our world celebrates competence over character. We excuse and overlook the complete
absence of any moral compass in athletes, celebrities, government leaders - even pastors -
as long as they produce results. God’s priority is always character over competence. He
cares more about who we are than what we can do; more about our person than our
performance. We all want to accomplish great things, but God will only take us as far as
our character will allow. Each of us has a “fatal flaw” that, if left unchecked, will
continue to grow and will eventually lead to a personal collapse. At times, we aren’t even
aware of this fatal flaw, but God sees it, and He wants to remove it. Otherwise, the sin in
our lives will weaken us, blind us, and eventually enslave us. In Christ - the greater
Samson - our sin is killed and God’s character is restored in us.

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