Hero of the Story

We need a Hero. In a world filled with deception, disaster and death, we need someone to rescue and redeem us. We need more than a political mover and shaker - more than a prophet and more than a good moral teacher. We need Jesus! He is the Hero of every story, in Scripture and in our lives. We must understand Who He is and what He came to do. Many see Him as merely a good teacher; many more seem to treat Him that way - even those in the Church. Too many learn from Him as a student, but never follow Him as a disciple. Ask yourself: Is Jesus changing the way you think, or is He changing who you are? Jesus might not be the hero that you’ve been wanting, but He is unquestionably the Hero that you need. Trust your life to him today!

Scripture References:

  • Luke 24:13-31
  • James 1:2-5
  • Isaiah 5:20
  • John 6:66-69
  • John 3:17
  • John 13:35
  • Matthew 5:17
  • Revelation 3:20