God Willing

Scripture is filled with stories of God’s miraculous power and His accomplishing great victories in the lives of His people. Sadly, this isn’t the experience for many of us. Is God’s will for us different than it was for His people back then? Certainly not! His will is to give us victory, but we’re not willing to be obedient. God has made His will clear in His Word, but it’s rarely comfortable or convenient. His will often leads us through a time of testing and trial to purify us, and to remind us of our utter need for Him. When His will becomes difficult, we must look to Jesus - the greater Gideon. He is the Light of the World who was broken for us. He is the Horn of Salvation who delivers us from our enemies - sin and death. God’s will is perfectly accomplished in Him, and He gives us Victory!

Scriptural References:

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