Contribute to His Church Part 2

Everyone wants power and position, but Jesus came to serve. To be like Him, we too must be servants. Humility is a foundational and definitive characteristic of the Christ-follower. We must not esteem ourselves the way those in the world do. Most people evaluate themselves by earthly measures of success – by education, position, and accomplishments. The true measure of greatness, however, is the measure of Christ in us. Are we loving like Jesus, serving like Him, giving to others as He gives to us? God has called and equipped every one of us to serve. Like a body, if one member doesn’t do its part, every other member suffers. We have each been given spiritual gifts – Let’s use them!

Scripture References:  Matthew 20:25-28; Romans 12:3-8; Ephesians 4:13; Romans 12:2; Matthew 25:31-40