Coming Home

Life isn’t easy. We do what we can to avoid pain – structuring our lives to make things as safe and comfortable as possible. Yet, no matter where we go or what we do, hardship inevitably finds us. Often, we bring trials into our own lives, turning from God’s plan for us and suffering the consequences of our own choices. Fortunately, God doesn’t waste pain. He uses it to bring us Home to Him, to His people and to His unfailing promises. If you’re going through a difficult time right now, remember that your life is a part of God’s Story. He does have a plan for you. He does have a purpose. His Story is one of Redemption. You might be asking, “God, why me?” but are you actually waiting for an answer? What might He be redeeming in and through your life?

Scripture References: Ruth 1:1-22; Judges 6:2-6; Revelation 21:3-4; Judges 6:1; Hebrews 12:10-11; Philippians 3:20; Ruth 4:17