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Changing Babylon

Abortion. Transgenderism. Same-sex marriage. Drug legalization. Biblical truth and morality in our country are under attack every day. In our backwards world, the people of God must move His kingdom forward. The church must engage our hell-bound culture with the full force of heaven. We were recreated to stand out, not to fit in - to live lives of wisdom and integrity, speaking the truth in love. It’s time for the Church to recapture its identity as the “pillar of truth” in our deceived world. How? By knowing God’s Word and obeying His Law above any other. By getting involved in our local communities. By looking to our own sphere of influence and allowing God to change this world through person at a time!

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Contrary to Popular Opinion

Idolatry is everywhere. Every day, we're surrounded by people who devote themselves to the idols of power, success, pleasure, money, and love. Sadly, the same can even be said for many in the Church. We must make a choice - to follow these worthless idols or to follow Christ and stand for truth regardless of popular opinion. This isn't easy in a world that paints truth as "intolerance" and believers as "bigots." We need God to break through. This won't happen through more religious programming and Christian entertainment. The great need today is a clear and indisputable demonstration of God's Spirit and power. Seek Him! Choose Him! Follow Him!

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Stand Up and Fight

The account of David and Goliath is so relevant to our lives today because we all have giants to face. David’s faith in God caused him to look at the giant from a different perspective. Goliath was merely a mortal man defying an all-powerful God. David looked at the battle from God's point of view. If we look at giant problems and impossible situations from God's perspective, we realize that God will fight for us and with us. When we put things in proper perspective, we see more clearly, and we can fight more effectively.

 What is the Giant your facing today?  Stand up and Fight!

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How the MIghty Fall

Our world celebrates competence over character. We excuse and overlook the complete
absence of any moral compass in athletes, celebrities, government leaders - even pastors -
as long as they produce results. God’s priority is always character over competence. He
cares more about who we are than what we can do; more about our person than our
performance. We all want to accomplish great things, but God will only take us as far as
our character will allow. Each of us has a “fatal flaw” that, if left unchecked, will
continue to grow and will eventually lead to a personal collapse. At times, we aren’t even
aware of this fatal flaw, but God sees it, and He wants to remove it. Otherwise, the sin in
our lives will weaken us, blind us, and eventually enslave us. In Christ - the greater
Samson - our sin is killed and God’s character is restored in us.

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God Willing

Scripture is filled with stories of God’s miraculous power and His accomplishing great victories in the lives of His people. Sadly, this isn’t the experience for many of us. Is God’s will for us different than it was for His people back then? Certainly not! His will is to give us victory, but we’re not willing to be obedient. God has made His will clear in His Word, but it’s rarely comfortable or convenient. His will often leads us through a time of testing and trial to purify us, and to remind us of our utter need for Him. When His will becomes difficult, we must look to Jesus - the greater Gideon. He is the Light of the World who was broken for us. He is the Horn of Salvation who delivers us from our enemies - sin and death. God’s will is perfectly accomplished in Him, and He gives us Victory!

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Judge and General

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. Moms invest so much into their family and they pour so much into the lives of their kids. Moms must fill the role of judge, teaching their kids God’s Word and giving them an example of obedience to follow. They’re also called to fill the role of general, fighting for what is right in their family and leading their kids into battle against our spiritual enemy. All the while, they must encourage those they love to be who God has made them to be. We all have people in our lives we love and care about, which means we’re all called to fill these roles. Lead others in God’s Word and never stop fighting for what is right in their lives!

Scripture References:

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God tells Joshua that He has given Jericho into their hand. All they have to do is get the people and the seven priests with trumpets to march around the city with the ark once a day for six days. Then on the seventh day, march around seven times, make a long blast on the trumpets, and get the people to shout for the walls to fall down flat! If you look at this at face value, you might think that it is crazy and that they’ll just get laughed at by the inhabitants of Jericho. Joshua, however, believes the Lord and proceeds. They must have  felt either really silly marching around the wall or fairly confident in his instructions .  It worked!  Joshua saw that the city and all that is in it was devoted to destruction as the Lord commanded.   

Just like Joshua, each one of us has been given the promise of victory by the Lord.  The real question is whether we are experiencing that victory?  The events of Joshua and the walls of Jericho teach us important principles about experiencing victory in our lives.

•    Joshua 6:1-5
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This Means War

We’re at war. Every day, we are under attack from the spiritual forces of evil that oppose God and are hell-bent on destroying our families, our schools, our government. Never before has it been so important to fight back. How? With PRAYER. The generation that takes seriously the call to pray will be the generation God uses to change this world. No person is too sick, no marriage too hopeless, no child too rebellious, no church to complacent, no city too far gone. Prayer breaks through the boundaries of the impossible. Prayer is the real battle and the burden more of us must be willing to carry. We must pray faithfully, then put our prayers into practice. Look to the example of Jesus - the greater Moses who forever intercedes for us, and the greater Joshua who fights on our behalf. Let’s make war!

Scripture References:

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Moses - No Longer Slaves

Our mission is “To make disciples who make a difference.” We’ll never make a difference until we first ARE different. We are no longer slaves to this world, but children of God. He has called us out - out of slavery to a life of sin, addiction, and emptiness. When we sense the enemy of God breathing down our neck, looking to bring us back into bondage, we don’t need to fear. Instead, we must trust His plan, His power, and His promises. We can keep moving forward, for God has made a Way! Just as Moses parted the waters of the Red Sea, Jesus - the Greater Moses - has parted the waters of sin that kept us from God and His promises. He leads us to new life and to freedom. We no longer belong to this World; we’re citizens of Heaven. It’s time to live that way!

Scripture References:

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Noah is without a doubt a hero of the faith. His story is one of true faith.  True faith will always be substantiated by our works.  It is this powerful truth that we see illustrated in the life of Noah.  Noah’s faith was a working faith.  His faith in God translated into righteous works of obedience.  Noah’s faith is demonstrated in his obedience to God’s instruction.  His faith was not passive, but was active.  Although Noah is a hero of the faith his story points us towards our real hero, Jesus Christ.  For it is through Jesus’ obedience to die on the cross and His resurrection that saves us.  It is our faith in Jesus not Noah that saves us.

We see that Noah found Favor with God, had Faith in God and ultimately Feared God above all things.  These led Noah on this remarkable journey to build an Ark that would preserve life on this earth.

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