Apply Within

Key Scripture: Matthew 5:13-16

Poverty. Racism. Immigration. Gun Violence. Abortion. Human Trafficking. Our world has problems. God has plenty to say about the problems in our world, and He wants to use His Church to do something about them. The Christian Church has been the single most influential and world-shaping entity in human history. Recently, however, we have lost – or rather, abdicated – our position of transformational influence. We tend to focus on the wrong things and do little to meet the needs and fix the problems our culture is actually facing. We care more about our needs being met in church than we care about meeting needs as the Church. We have lost sight of the need, the brokenness, and the Battle. And it’s time to re-engage. Help is Wanted. Apply today!

Scripture References: Isaiah 5:1-2, Matthew 7:16-20, Matthew 16:18

(Those who have) applied to serve in the legion of the expendables; who love not their lives unto the death; who volunteer to suffer for Christ’s sake and who follow up their application with lives that challenge the devil and invite the fury of hell. – A.W. Tozer