Key Scripture: Proverbs 24:11-12

Abortion is a most serious problem in our country and in our world. This past January 22nd marked the 46th anniversary of the landmark SCOTUS decision, Roe v. Wade, that made it illegal for any state to ban abortion. Since that time, nearly 60 million legal abortions have been performed in the U.S., an average of 1.3 million abortions per year. This means that for every 1,000 babies born, more than 200 have been killed prior to birth. How is this still happening? Every day, lies are told and laws give permission for this evil to be committed in ignorance and defiance. As the Church, we must educate and inform people with the truth – that every unborn child is very much a child and has a God-given right to life. We must also offer hope to those considering abortion, showing them it is not their only way out. We must use our voice to speak for those who don’t yet have one. We must fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Scripture References: Luke 18:15-16, Luke 1:44, 46, Psalm 139:16