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Key Scripture: Acts 10:1-48

The truth of the matter is that we are not as impartial as we would like to believe. We all have our preferences. We have comfort zones when it comes to interacting with others, and are less likely to connect with those outside our circle than with those who are like us. It is easier to talk to an old friend than to make a new one. Additionally, our culture celebrates beauty, wealth and athletic skills, fawning over the successful and ignoring the rest. Playing favorites is part of life. But it is not what God intends for us.  Favoritism may be part of our culture, but it is must not be part of the church. 

Scripture References and Quotes: Acts 10:1-48, Acts 1:8, Luke 2:10, Mark 11:17, Titus 2:11, James 2:8-9, Romans 3:22-24

When we show favoritism, when we assess people by externals, we are usurping God’s exclusive right to stand in judgment over others. You’re taking the place of God.  - Jeff Purswell