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Impact Hunger 

On the last Sunday of each month, we collect non-perishable food items to feed those in need in our community.

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Impact Mexico

More info coming soon....

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 Inspire Cambodia

For nearly twenty years, the people of Cambodia suffered under an oppressive dictator, enduring forced labor, malnutrition, poor medical care and unjust executions. During this time, the socialist regime was responsible for the deaths of roughly 25% of the country's population. Today, Cambodians are still picking up the pieces.

In 2013, Curtis and Breann Johnson moved to Cambodia to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to a hurting country. Currently, their ministry partners with a local children's home to help rescue, educate and care for young children who have been victims of abuse, neglect and exploitation. They also support local churches and conduct large-scale pastoral training for village pastors in every province of Cambodia. The goal is to transform the country by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the people.

Our Current Funding Needs

  • Bible study materials for The School of Ministry

  • Transportation, food, lodging, and supplies for outreach

  • Living expenses

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 Breath of Heaven

Breath of Heaven Children’s Ministries is dedicated to helping meet the needs of a growing orphan population in Lusaka, Zambia. Zambia is, today, one of the poorest and least developed nations on earth.  About two-thirds of the population lives on less than $2 US a day. The growing number of Zambian orphans, by some estimates, has surpassed one million. Thousands of children are living in the streets of its capital, Lusaka, giving Zambia one of the highest populations of street children, per capita, in the world.

BOH provides a stable, secure, family-like environment at a Children’s Village that consists of 14 children’s homes and a school, with plans underway for a medical clinic and a church. BOH currently provides shelter and well-rounded care for 144 underprivileged children and their widowed House Mothers.  Additionally, the school and supplemental facilities allow them to reach even more orphaned children and widows in the surrounding community with the implementation of educationally- and spiritually-based day programs and accessible, affordable medical care.

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Cast a Shadow 

Cast a Shadow uses the vehicle of modern cycling to cultivate an unparalleled riding community while helping those in need. CAS offers organized group rides and mentorships that partner with riders taking them from the sofa to the finish line of their first 100-mile bike ride. CAS also partners with a variety of unprivileged groups and non profit organizations to provide bikes to inner city kids, water wells to third world countries, and covering medical expenses and other hardships experienced by members of the community at large that may have otherwise gone unmet.

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 Haiti Endowment Fund

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Lack of leadership, government corruption, and deforestation have held this nation at the brink of starvation for many years. The country of Haiti has an estimated unemployment rate of ninety-percent and an estimated illiteracy rate of over fifty-percent. Over eighty-percent of Haiti’s population live in abject poverty.

For more than 30 years, Haiti Endowment Fund has been bringing the hope of Jesus Christ to Haiti by meeting the spiritual and physical needs of these hurting people. HEF raises up and trains local Haitian pastors and assists them in planting churches in remote villages. The village churches are used to launch projects, which include building schools, meeting medical needs, providing clean drinking water by drilling wells, and a variety of agriculture projects.

Some pictures from Pastor Ryan's last visit

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Student Venture 

Student Venture has been dedicated to making dramatic changes in the lives of local teenagers for the past 30 years. SV has designed resource programs specifically to meet today’s student’s needs and to help them maintain healthy and growing relationships at home and in life. These programs include Student Venture Clubs, discipleship groups, one-on-one counseling, leadership training, local and global service opportunities, interpersonal relationship development, extreme challenges (physical, mental and spiritual), conferences, retreats, and life coaching/mentoring through daily interaction.

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