Biblical Eldership Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Please reflect on and respond to at least one of the following questions from Chapter 1:

  1. How do you think the people at Impact would describe an elder based on their observations of and experience with our current eldership? Explain.
  2. What caused you to become interested in eldership?
  3. Consider the daily work of an actual shepherd. How are the duties of a spiritual shepherd similar?
  4. One of the greatest obstacles elders face is finding time to serve. The legitimate demands of vocation, family life, and shepherding can appear overwhelming. How do we find and take the time to serve as an elder?
  5. How are you currently equipping yourself to teach sound doctrine and refute error? How do you think we can keep the people at Impact “well fed” with God’s Word?
  6. It’s easy to view needy people as a burden rather than an opportunity for shepherding care. How can you cultivate a love for the people of Impact?
  7. Can you think of an example of a “wolf” that is threatening the church right now? How can you tell the difference between false teaching and legitimate differences in Scriptural interpretation?
  8. Have you ever witnessed or experienced church discipline? When should discipline take place? Why is church discipline necessary?